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Marion Grace Woolley



Marion Grace Woolley studied at the British Record Industry Trust  (BRIT) School of Performing Arts, Croydon. After obtaining an MA in Language & Communication Research from the University of Cardiff, she declared that she'd had enough of academia and decided to run away to Africa. 

Balancing her creative impulses with a career in International Development, she worked and travelled across Africa, Australia, Armenia, and a few other places beginning with 'A'. In 2009, Marion helped to oversee the publication of the first Dictionary of Amarenga y'Ikinyarwanda(Rwandan Sign Language). A project of which she was immensely proud to have been a part. 

The same year, Marion was shortlisted for the Luke Bitmead Bursary for New Writers. She is anassociate member of the Society of Authors and a founding member of Nushu.



Angorichina is a tuberculosis sanatorium nestled deep within the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. The year is 1932, and a cure for this deadly disease has yet to be found.

 A group of unlikely people find themselves thrown together. It isn’t always easy to keep smiling whilst balancing precariously between the secrets and shadows of former lives. From the trenches of Gallipoli to a burning house on the Ceduna coast, everybody has got their cross to bear. When a new patient arrives from the north, life at the station is set to change. Laura’s straightforward presence shakes the foundations of unwritten rules. Sullen Charlotte finds herself reluctant to relinquish her prejudice towards the girl, whilst Joe is confounded by the young woman’s uncanny understanding of the male mind. It is Heath who falls hardest for her, blindly trusting the one person he knows least about. Sean, a man careless of anyone’s feelings, finds himself surprisingly concerned for his young friend. At the mercy of the conceited Dr. Hegarty and the crude medical apparatus of the time, each patient must confront their own past whilst looking to an uncertain future.

Angorichina is a story about the extremities of human emotion, about love, loss and redemption. The friendships formed within its walls will endure a lifetime. 

Phoebe Gelber’s life is pretty much planned out. She’s going to marry her long-term boyfriend Mark. They will have children together and live happily ever after.  

Until Mark unceremoniously shatters her dreams in a cubical of the women’s toilets after a boozy night out. Life and sanity on the rocks, Phoebe is thrown into turmoil when she meets dishy George McCally. A whole new world opens up to her, one that will challenge both her own prejudices and those of the people around her.

Is love ever enough to overcome a lifetime of conditioning? Orla, Phoebe’s best friend since childhood, doesn’t seem to think so. Their longstanding friendship is in danger of collapsing under the strain of intolerance. Meanwhile, ex-boyfriend Mark turns up on her doorstep with a drughabit and a change of attitude. Phoebe sees a side of him she never knew before. The death of a mutual friend causes everyone to evaluate existing and new relationships. While some strengthen, others cease to exist.

Ultimately, it is up to Phoebe to follow her heart and take a bravestep towards an unconventional future.

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